Past a horse pasture, up a country road near the top of a gently rising foothill, Josette Millar’s home studio looks out across the hills of Sherman, Connecticut.

It is from here that the Swiss-born artist paints her love of horses, a far distance from the small village near Lausanne where she grew up but not so far from the call of the farmland of her youth.

At twenty-eight, Millar immigrated to the United States and pursued a degree in graphic design that led to her founding her own web design agency.  All the while, the creative tickle never left.  Soon after her first watercolor painting, she enrolled in oil painting classes and has never looked back.  

It is in the countryside that she finds her inspiration.  “Nature is where I feel free”, Millar relates, “as a child, I loved to roam and play in the fields and forest of my home in Belmont sur Lausanne.  Nature inspires me and frees my spirit.”

Millar loves to paint animals. She especially admires the dignity of horses and their interactions.

Millar developed her technique at The Art Students League of New York with Christopher Gallego, Leonid Gervits, and Sherry Camhy, as well as with plein-air artists Stefan Baumann and Edward Spalding DeVoe. She also attended the Metropolitan Museum of Art of New York Copyist Program two years in a row.

Her inspirations have been old masters such as John Singer Sargent and JMW Turner as well as contemporary artists such as Andrew Wyatt, Catherine Kehoe, Ann Gale, and Odd Nerdrum.

Millar is a member of The Art Students League of New York and the Connecticut Academy of Fine Arts.